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Based on surjit sir’s 45+ year athlete development, our training programs help players experience
transformation in their game.

With good foundation skills, motivate trainees to learn and refine their game    
Next level to enhance strength, speed, mental toughness and other areas of performance.      
With customized coaching, players can hone specific aspects of their game.      
-The ultimate training experience to transform their game. Make them competition-ready at the highest level   Schedule: A typical training...
Corporate Events
Our academies are a preferred destination for teams, event sponsors & corporate outings. Our locations allow for year-round development and...
Adult Coaching
Each adult badminton session is designed specifically for each participant depending on their level and length of stay. Training them...
Personalised Coaching
We conduct personalized training sessions for Pros and Adult players. Custom-tailored training packages to fit the needs of every individual....